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3 in Virginia facing drug charges

On March 29, police received a report about a suspicious white van in Virginia's Nelson County. They pulled the van over and found marijuana in the vehicle. The police also took the driver of the van, a man, and the passenger, a 39-year-old woman, into custody. They were charged with one felony count of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Man sentenced after authorities find drugs in his home

On March 22, it was reported that a Virginia man was sentenced to prison on charges that included possession with intent to distribute cocaine, heroin and marijuana. He had pleaded guilty to the charges on March 14 though he was actually taken into custody in 2014.

Former radio show star faces drug possession charges

Entertainment news sources report that well-known actor and comedian Artie Lange was taken into police custody on March 12, and fans in Virginia may want to know more about the events of that day. According to a spokesperson for the Hoboken Police Department, the incident occurred when officers responded to a call that someone was trying to break enter a vehicle parked in a garage.

Former mayor pleads to meth charge

On March 1, 2017, the ex-mayor of Fairfax, Virginia, entered a guilty plea in response to a felony drug distribution charge of distributing crystal meth. The 51-year-old man was arrested in August 2016 after he sold methamphetamine to undercover police officers in return for group sex.

Exonerations data suggests racial bias

African-American criminal defendants in Virginia and around the country are more likely to be wrongfully convicted according to a study released by the National Registry of Exonerations on March 7. The group, which works out of the University of Michigan Law School, came to this conclusion after studying the cases of 1,900 exonerated inmates who were wrongfully convicted between 1989 and 2016. While African-Americans make up only about 13 percent of the adult population of the United States, they accounted for 47 percent of the exonerations studied by the NRE.

Drug courts benefit more than just addicts

If you have ever been convicted of a drug-related crime, you may have faced fines, jail time or drug court, depending on where you live and the specifics of your case. Although drug courts are not currently available in all areas of the United States, they are in operation in Virginia, and they offer numerous benefits for both the addict and the public-at-large. In addition to proving more effective at keeping addicts off drugs than just treatment or just probation, drug courts:

Changes to Virginia law regarding license suspension and drug offenses proposed

The consequences of a criminal conviction can impact all kinds of aspects of a person’s life. For example, some such convictions here in Virginia carry license suspensions as one of the penalties. Such suspensions can greatly impede a person’s ability to get around for a time. This, in turn, could pose major difficulties for them when it comes to things like their job, their schooling or their everyday activities.

Man facing drug charges relating to marijuana in Virginia

There are many instances in which it may be prudent to seek professional help with a situation. Being accused of a crime is often considered one such predicament after which gaining professional advice could potentially allow an individual to move forward in a more effective manner. If individuals who are facing drug charges or other allegations wish to gain such assistance, there are options available.

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