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Drug Charges Archives

Man facing drug charges relating to marijuana in Virginia

There are many instances in which it may be prudent to seek professional help with a situation. Being accused of a crime is often considered one such predicament after which gaining professional advice could potentially allow an individual to move forward in a more effective manner. If individuals who are facing drug charges or other allegations wish to gain such assistance, there are options available.

Prescription Drug Addiction Affects Millions in U.S.

By now, most Americans are acutely aware of the prescription drug addiction crisis that has spread throughout the U.S. If there is one thing that this epidemic has taught us all, it's that addiction does not discriminate and individuals of every race, education level and socio-economic class continue to be afflicted and affected.

Virginia man indicted on drug charges

Facing a difficult situation can sometimes blindside a person, and he or she may soon be making potentially life-changing decisions. This type of predicament may come about for individuals who are facing drug charges. As their cases proceed, important decisions must be made, and concerned parties may hope that they are making the best ones for their circumstances. For many, gaining more information may help them move forward more confidently.

Man, woman facing drug charges in Virginia

The ways in which a legal predicament could be handled may depend on what types of allegations have been made. As a result, individuals who are facing drug charges may wish to follow different legal avenues than parties who have been charged with other criminal activity. Luckily, there are options that individuals may explore in attempts to move forward in an effective manner.

What Penalties Do Juveniles Face For Drug Crimes In Virginia?

For many parents in Virginia and throughout the country, seeing young people on the news or in the paper being arrested for drug crimes and other charges can hit close to home. Young people who go to school, maintain good grades, and avoid trouble can still make mistakes or be around the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

Drug charges go further than just the drugs

Many people make the common mistake of assuming that the crimes they can be charged with are limited to the illegal contraband they carry, like cocaine or heroin. However, the police may also arrest you for possessing certain items that are associated with the use or production of drugs. These crimes are called drug paraphernalia offenses. It is also important to note that drugs do not necessarily have to be present for you to be charged with a drug paraphernalia crime.

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