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Drug Charges Archives

Men facing drug and gun charges after residence search

Two Virginia men were taken into custody on Oct. 19 after a Waynesboro Police Department drug squad executed a search warrant in Churchville. The men, who are 36 and 46 years of age, were transported to the Middle River Regional Jail where they were being held without bail. The search was the result of an investigation into methamphetamine distribution in Augusta County.

Woman charged after sending drug deal texts to officer

On Oct. 6, it was reported that a Virginia woman was taken into police custody after she allegedly sent text messages concerning a potential drug deal to a law enforcement officer. The 46-year-old Chesapeake resident reportedly signed each text as "babycakes".

Man detained at state fair for selling drugs

On Oct. 7, law enforcement officers reported that an arrest was made after receivingan anonymous tip about illegal drug activity was occurring at the State Fair of Virginia. The man was accused of selling AB-Fubinaca, a substance that is reportedly 85 times more powerful than cannabis, making it particularly dangerous.

Alleged shoplifting leads to drug charges

Police in Virginia have reported that four individuals have been taken into custody on drug possession charges after a routine call about shoplifting led to the seizure of large amounts of cocaine, amphetamine and currency. Reports indicate that the three men and woman were charged with multiple counts of possessing and transporting drugs and transported to detention facilities where they were held without bond.

FBI report: 1.57 million faced drug charges in 2016

In 2016, law enforcement agencies around the country arrested three times as many people for drug violations than for all violent crimes put together. The 1.57 million drug arrests represent a 5.63 percent increase over 2015 figures and cast doubt on predictions that the drug war may be coming to an end. Law and order advocates in Virginia and elsewhere claim that a tough stance on drugs is needed to keep the public safe, but more than eight out of 10 of those charged with narcotics offenses in 2016 were arrested simply for possessing an illegal substance.

Man sentenced to 15 years for distributing meth

On Sept. 29, a Virginia man was sentenced to 15 years in prison after he was convicted of selling drugs on the side while reportedly helping the authorities. The 44-year-old man had been previously convicted possession of meth with intent to distribute and other charges before earning goodwill with the authorities by helping to set up controlled purchases.

Virginia sheriff says opiate regulations steer people to meth

After a year of investigations, the Lee County Sheriff's Department produced 48 indictments and search warrants for crimes that mostly involved selling methamphetamine. The sheriff said that the drug had become prevalent in the area because of regulations on opioids. He explained that drug dealers were switching to methamphetamine because people could make the substance with household ingredients. This aspect made it impossible to cut off the drug supply.

Man accused of attempting to sell drugs to high schoolers

A 39-year-old Virginia man is facing a raft of drug and firearms charges after being taken into custody by police outside a Washington County high school on the morning of Sept. 20. A school administrator called police at about 7:45 a.m. after a teacher on early bus duty discovered an unresponsive man sitting in a parked car. The man has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana, intent to distribute methamphetamine and marijuana on school property, possessing a concealed handgun on school property and while possessing drugs.

Charges related to drug selling and dealing

Being convicted of criminal offenses related to dealing and selling drugs in Virginia and the rest of the country can result in stiff penalties. Drug sales and drug dealing charges pertain to the sale of illegal controlled substances, such as heroin, marijuana, meth or cocaine. The scope of these charges is less than that of drug trafficking, which pertains to any aspect of the creation, movement and selling of the drugs.

Domestic dispute call ends with man and woman facing drug charges

A 31-year-old man ended up in Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail after Williamsburg Police encountered him during a domestic dispute call. Police reported that they entered a home on the 4000 block of Battery Boulevard. While interviewing the man and the woman at the location, law enforcement found a suitcase containing drugs and cash. After obtaining a warrant to search the woman, police reported finding a small amount of marijuana in her possession, and they arrested her as well.

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