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Juvenile Crimes: Defending Your Child’s Future

When your child has been arrested or is under investigation by the police, it can be frustrating, frightening and embarrassing. If your child is under investigation or has been arrested in Loudoun County or elsewhere in Northern Virginia, our attorneys at the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC, are here to step in and guide you.

Even innocent children may risk admitting to crimes under interrogation. Our skilled lawyers can help protect your child’s rights and interests in the investigation, negotiations with the prosecution, or in the courtroom. We are former prosecutors and have decades of experience handling all types of criminal and juvenile cases throughout the region.

Providing Skilled Defense From All Juvenile Crimes

We understand the impact a criminal record could have on your child’s education and job prospects. At our law office, our attorneys defend clients from all types of juvenile charges, including:

  • Marijuana possession or sale of narcotics
  • Underage DUI
  • Underage drinking
  • Retail theft, embezzlement or shoplifting
  • Trespass, breaking and entering and destruction of property
  • Arson
  • Assault and battery, concealed weapons
  • Violent crimes

We will explore every defense on your child’s behalf. Even if we are unable to get the charges dismissed, we will work toward reducing the potential penalties.

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Contact our office if your child is being investigated or arrested by the police. Answering police questions puts your child at risk of conviction. We will answer your legal questions and help you and your child through this difficult time.

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