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Drunk Driving (DUI): Don’t Let DUI Charges Compromise Your Future

In all the Virginia counties we serve, DUI enforcement and prosecution are intense. The Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC, realizes this is a charge almost anyone — from students to professionals, and laborers to government officials — can face because of an error in judgment or even an officer’s overzealous actions.

Understanding drunk driving laws, which have become much more complex over the years, can be a challenge in itself. When you contact us about your arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) — still sometimes called DWI — we will explain the consequences clearly and approach your case based on your personal circumstances.

Understanding Consequences And Your Legal Options Is Essential

For a first offense misdemeanor DUI conviction, you may pay drastically increased insurance rates for many years, face job repercussions, and suffer other problems related to driver’s license suspension. It is a serious risk to face this charge without a lawyer who knows drunk driving defenses and negotiating strategies that work.

Our attorneys defend adults and juveniles from all walks of life when they face a DUI charge. Exploring all options is especially critical if:

  • You face enhanced punishment — often including a minimum mandatory jail sentence — due to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or above, prior offenses on your record, or involvement in an accident.
  • You depend on your standard or commercial driver’s license (CDL) to make a living, and need to do anything possible to prevent having that license suspended or receive some limited privilege.
  • You are willing to seek alcohol counseling or treatment to help overcome your addiction, straighten out your life, and support a bid for reduced consequences.

Benefit From Rigorous Case Preparation By Skilled Former Chief And Senior Prosecutors

We know preparation is critical, and we will look into every possible line of defense while building your case, including:

  • Challenging your traffic stop to determine if it may have been unconstitutional or improper in any way, as when there was no probable cause
  • Investigating whether your breath, urine or blood tests can be contested because of equipment or authentication problems
  • Doing our best to counter the weight of any prior criminal history you have — because even arrests that did not lead to convictions may harm your situation

For focused, resourceful DUI, traffic, or criminal defense in Northern Virginia, contact us today. We offer a free initial consultation.

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