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The Experienced, Proven Representation Needed To Stand Up To Violent Crime Accusations

As former Loudoun County prosecutors, both attorneys at our office were involved in many high-profile, high-stakes cases. We leverage and apply this valuable experience today as lawyers prepared to provide you — or someone you care about — with determined, resourceful defense against a manslaughter or other violent crime charge.

We will not be intimidated by the seriousness of a charge or the complexity of your specific case. Beginning with a free initial consultation to discuss your circumstances and perspective, you will benefit from the counsel of an attorney with deep legal and life experience. Robert D. Anderson has handled many criminal cases and serious felony matters effectively in the past, and we are committed to building the best possible defense for you.

From Investigation Through Trial, Depend On Our Focus And Determination

We have the investigative skills and resources to handle every aspect of your defense against serious violent felony allegations, including:

  • Voluntary manslaughter, a charge associated with a crime of passion or killing under provocation
  • Involuntary manslaughter, often associated with driving drunk or under the influence of drugs (DUI)
  • Aggravated assault

Our office’s grasp of Virginia criminal law and rules of evidence enables us to dissect and attack the case against you. If you are innocent, or need to know your side of what happened is revealed and presented effectively, you can depend on the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC.

Exploring All Options When Pursuing A Just Outcome For You Or Your Loved One

A manslaughter or other violent crime charge calls not only for a dynamic, experienced trial lawyer, but for representation by a person you can talk to and trust. We will empathize with your situation, and work actively with your family or other loved ones as we seek the best available outcome in your case.

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