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Understanding The Implications Of Internet Crimes And Other Computer Crimes

At the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC, we offer a potent combination for our clients: decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge of evolving modern law. We recognize the power and temptation associated with the internet, as well as the complex circumstances that may have led to your investigation and arrest for an internet crime.

Whether you are accused of a financial crime, possession of child pornography or another illegal act involving the internet, contact our Leesburg, Virginia, law office.

Capable Defenders With Experience Handling Sex Offenses And White Collar Crimes

During our time as Loudoun County prosecutors and as defense attorneys, we have handled many complex criminal cases.

You can count on our law office for both human understanding and resourceful case building if you face allegations such as:

  • Child pornography possession or child pornography distribution
  • Internet solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes such as in a chat room
  • Identity theft or other types of internet/computer fraud
  • Participation in an internet scam
  • Illegal use of a computer in your workplace or another type of white collar offense

Whatever the charge, you can rely on us to develop a strong defense on your behalf.

Respected Lawyers Equipped To Protect Your Rights — Before Or After You Have Been Charged

Because laws governing use of the internet — and the technical aspects of enforcing those laws — are still in flux and are constantly evolving, it may be critical for your attorney to have credibility with prosecutors and court officials. We have worked hard to earn and maintain that asset, and we can also be an excellent resource for legal advice from the moment you learn you are under investigation for an internet offense.

When You Need A Lawyer, We Encourage You To Speak With Our Office

Call our office now, if you have been contacted by law enforcement or arrested for a suspected internet crime.

Answering questions and volunteering information without an attorney — even if you are only claiming your innocence — are serious risks. From our first meeting forward, we will be committed to identifying and executing the best defense approach for you.

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