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Charged With Drug Distribution? We Are Ready To Defend Your Rights.

Conviction for distribution of drugs or possession with intent to distribute can carry serious penalties in Northern Virginia. Not only could you face hard time in prison, even a “minor” charge may affect your ability to get a job, rent an apartment or get into college.

At the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC, our office will help clients in Leesburg and throughout the region facing all types of drug charges. We bring together decades of experience with the skill and insight that comes from having served as prosecutors in Loudoun County.

Our Office Uses Our Years Of Experience To Defend Your Rights

Prosecutors and law enforcement in Virginia take drug offenses seriously. The penalties for drug distribution can vary depending on the amount and type of drug involved. If you were arrested with paraphernalia, such as baggies or scales, this can also be used as evidence that you intended to sell the drugs and increase your penalties.

Our criminal defense lawyers can defend you and fight to reduce your potential consequences, which can include:

  • Felony charges: Distribution of drugs other than less than a half ounce of marijuana is a felony charge. This means you can face fines and jail time in addition to the loss of basic rights and privileges like gun ownership or voting privileges.
  • Jail time: A felony conviction for distribution may result in a state prison sentence.
  • Loss of your car: If you are arrested while driving a car with drugs in it, even if the car isn’t yours, the police may seize the car. Car seizure means the vehicle will no longer belong to you, and will be sold off in an auction unless your attorney opposes the seizure and gets your car returned to you.
  • Criminal record: A felony or even a misdemeanor on your record can have a serious impact on later job applications, college applications, various license applications such as nursing, CPA, attorney or architect, as well as security clearances and even an apartment or loan applications.

Our office is experienced in helping clients who were arrested with marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers or other illegal drugs. If you are waiting to be moved to Virginia from another state for trial, we can help you with extradition so you are not stuck waiting in a jail cell.

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