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Resolution calls for end of motorcycle profiling

Motorcyclists generally have the right to use Virginia roads in the same manner as passenger or commercial vehicles. In fact, the U.S. Senate recently passed a resolution calling on states to stop the practice of profiling motorcyclists. Although it is nonbinding, another piece of legislation bans the use of federal funds to conduct motorcycle roadblocks. According to a Supreme Court ruling, police officers are allowed to justify after a traffic stop after it occurs.

About reckless driving

Virginia motorists who ignore the welfare of others on the road often engage in reckless driving. In addition to causing property damage or motor vehicle accidents, ignoring the safety rules of the road may lead to criminal penalties.

Defining reckless driving in Virginia

Under Virginia law, reckless driving may be considered either a misdemeanor or felony offense. In most cases, it will stay on a driver's DMV record for 11 years. The one exception is a reckless driving offense involving a person going 20 miles per hour or more above a posted speed limit, which stays on a person's DMV record for five years.

Know your rights during a traffic stop

In recent months and years, disturbing video footage has surfaced on social media sites depicting the aggressive and sometimes violent exchanges between motorists and police officers. Additionally, alarming statistics have come to light related to racial disparities and specifically the disproportionate number of traffic stops and violations involving African-American drivers.

Traffic violations: Man charged for reckless driving in Virginia

Individuals may unexpectedly find themselves in situations in which they are being accused of serious crimes or other types of violations. In many instances, these parties could be charged in relation to the accusations, and, as a result, they may wish to determine which choices they have when it comes to addressing those allegations. In some cases, individuals could even face charges due to traffic violations.

Are traffic tickets really anything to worry about?

Police around Loudoun County hand out a lot of tickets every day. Most drivers aren't on the receiving end of even this most common of long arms of the law. Because of that, it might be easy for a person who has received a ticket to simply face the music. Plead guilty to the infraction, pay the fine and get on with life.

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