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It’s possible to be falsely accused of assault

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Assault accusations or charges are not always fair. It’s possible that you were a victim of a crime and simply fought back. You might have accidentally done something that harmed another person or have been accused of planning the attack when you didn’t.

In law, assaults happens when there is an attempt to cause harm to another person. This may include irresponsible or deliberate acts. With this definition, you can see that the other person doesn’t actually have to be hurt to claim an assault took place. The simple attempted use of force to harm someone is enough.

Sometimes, situations get twisted, and you’ll face accusations that you shouldn’t. For instance, if you saw someone approaching you quickly, you might have prepared to fight. You might even have taken a swing at them or attempted to kick them.

In that case, was it really assault? The other person was approaching you for reasons you weren’t clear about. You feared you were going to be attacked, so you fought back to protect yourself. Your reaction might have been reasonable, but it’s possible that the other person could claim that you assaulted them for no good reason.

You deserve to fight back if you’re charged with assault

There are many reasons why people are falsely accused of assault and different circumstances that lead to them facing charges. If you’re facing unfair charges for assault, it’s valuable for you to build up a legal defense that discusses why you did react the way you did and why the prosecution is inaccurate.

For example, you may be able to explain that you were worried for your own safety and reacted in self-defense. You might have proof that the other person is lying and that you were attacked.  You might be able to show that the injuries to the other person were unintentional and accidental.

Every case is different, but it’s important to take some time to build a solid defense to protect yourself. Without one, you could face heavy fines and imprisonment for the charges upon conviction. That’s not fair if an assault never happened or was actually self-defense.