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A DUI has serious implications for those who are accused. Whether you’re 22 and just graduating from college or are in your 50s and looking to advance in your job, getting a DUI could put a hold on all of your plans.

For a soon-to-be college graduate, there are many things that could happen. You might end up suspended or kicked out of your college program. If you require licensing, you may be unable to obtain it. In a worst-case scenario, you could be refused a diploma due to suspension or expulsion and need to find another school to transfer your credits to.

For someone who is already working a career, a DUI can have a significant impact as well. If you are already licensed as a doctor, attorney or in another field, you may have that license threatened, suspended or taken away.

If you need to drive for work, you may find that it’s harder to get insurance or that your insurance costs have increased significantly. You may lose your license temporarily, which could make it hard to get to work on time. If you drive for your work, you may be unable to work for an extended period of time, which could end up costing you your job.

On top of all this is the potential for time in jail or prison, heavy fines and other administrative penalties. Whether this is your first offense or not, it’s important to defend yourself. You may be able to have penalties reduced or eliminated with the right legal know-how and support to help you.