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Authorities take 4 into custody after investigation

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Drug Charges

Authorities in Virginia say that four people were taken into custody as part of an investigation into drug activity in Carroll County. The first person to be taken into custody was a 26-year-old man who was spotted outside of a store and was previously wanted by authorities. He was on probation for drug and firearm charges when police found him, and they say that he was taken into custody without any problem.

However, a vehicle with two individuals fled the scene and led police on a traffic pursuit. The Ford Ranger was being operated by a 34-year-old man who tried to flee on foot after the vehicle stopped. A 34-year-old female passenger was taken into custody after the chase as well. During the course of their investigation into the incident, they contacted a 48-year-old woman who was wanted on an unrelated felony charge.

The driver of the Ford Ranger is scheduled to appear in court on March 2. He was charged with speeding, reckless driving and felony eluding to avoid being taken into custody. The man also allegedly lacked a valid driver’s license, valid registration for the vehicle or car insurance. Authorities also say that the had a firearm in his possession during the pursuit. It is unclear what charges the other individuals may be facing or if they have court dates.

Those who are taken into custody on serious drug charges may face jail time or other penalties if convicted. An attorney may use several tactics to create reasonable doubt in a case. For instance, the attorney might assert that an individual didn’t know that he or she was in possession of a controlled substance. It may also be possible to have evidence suppressed or cast doubt on the validity of witness testimony.