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2 men face fentanyl distribution charges

| Jan 6, 2020 | Drug Charges

Two men have been arrested in Virginia, accused of distributing and possessing fentanyl. The men, held in the Western Tidewater Regional Jail, are accused of distributing hundreds of grams of the powerful opiate. According to police, one of the men provided the other man with fentanyl in April 2019, while participating in an attempt to ship a kilogram of the substance commercially via UPS from California to Florida. They then say the other man sold relatively large quantities of fentanyl on several occasions in July.

Police say that they arrested that man on Aug. 1 and that he had 773 grams of fentanyl at the time. During a search of the man’s home, police also say that they discovered several firearms, and he is facing gun charges as well as drug charges. They say that they found two 9mm handguns, a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. They also say that they found a digital scale, which they characterized as drug paraphernalia.

The other man allegedly agreed to travel to the area to collect a portion of the proceeds from the fentanyl sold in July, police claimed. They say that he agreed to bring two kilograms of fentanyl from New York to the Hampton Roads area. While that man is a Connecticut resident, the other lives in Virginia. The two men are being held without bond being granted and are facing federal drug charges. Their next court hearing will take place on March 10.

People facing drug charges may face serious consequences if convicted, including jail time, high fines and a felony criminal record. A criminal defense attorney may work with people charged with drug offenses to challenge police evidence and prosecution allegations and aim to prevent a conviction.