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Drugs, guns and cash found during Virginia traffic stop

| Dec 12, 2019 | Drug Charges

Three men were taken into custody on the evening of Dec. 6 when police allegedly discovered guns, drugs and cash during a vehicle stop. This all took place on Ferndale Avenue in Petersburg, Virginia, at approximately 8:30 p.m. The traffic stop was initiated by Petersburg Police Department detectives. Initial reports do not indicate what may have prompted detectives to pull over the 2018 Lexus that the men were traveling in.

According to a PPD report, the detectives decided to search the vehicle after an investigation revealed that it had been reported stolen. During the ensuing search, detectives allegedly found undisclosed quantities of prescription pills and substances that appeared to be heroin, marijuana and cocaine. Detectives say that they also discovered three firearms, approximately $6,800 in U.S. currency, a set of digital scales, and five cellphones.

A 35-year-old Chesterfield County man has been charged with drug, gun and ammunition possession and drug possession with the intent to distribute. A 25-year-old Petersburg man faces charges including drug and gun possession and marijuana distribution. The counts against a 37-year-old Petersburg man include drug possession, drug possession with the intent to distribute and distributing marijuana. A records check reveals that the Chesterfield County man and the 25-year-old Petersburg man have been convicted of felony offenses in the past.

Discovering that a pulled over vehicle was stolen would likely provide police officers with probable cause to make further inquiries and conduct a search, but warrantless searches are not always supported by such compelling facts. When officers do not have good reason to believe that evidence of ongoing criminal behavior is being concealed or routine traffic stops are delayed for unreasonable amounts of time to allow K-9 units to be summoned to the scene, experienced criminal defense attorneys may seek to have seized items excluded and charges dismissed.

Source: The Mineral Daily News Tribune, “3 men busted on drug, weapons charges”, Staff report, Dec. 10, 2019