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What to avoid saying at a DUI stop

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Firm News

A lot of people do not do themselves any favors when the cops pull them over on suspicion of DUI. Recently in Virginia Beach, one DUI suspect assaulted an officer and tried to disarm him. 

Even if you manage to maintain your cool during a DUI stop, you may still make many mistakes. Saying something that seems innocuous can end up coming back to bite you later. You need to avoid saying certain things so that you do not give the police officers questioning you more evidence than they need. 

“I only had one drink.”

You do not want to admit to drinking anything to a police officer. The cops will automatically assume you have lied and that you actually had more than one drink. Even if it is not true, you still admit that you have alcohol in your system. You may not end up with a DUI, but the police could arrest you on wet reckless if you displayed strange driving habits. Additionally, for some people, one drink may be enough to put them over the legal limit. 

“My designated driver left; I had no choice.”

Police officers will not care about your explanation for drinking and driving. Again, your statement may be true. It is still not an excuse for putting yourself and others in danger. The court will not care what your explanation or motivation was for drinking and driving. 

“I do not usually do this.”

It could be your first DUI offense. That tends to come with fewer penalties, but the cops will still arrest you. Ultimately, it is for your own good. A lot of harm can come when people decide to get behind the wheel intoxicated. These kinds of excuses may earn you some sympathy with your friends, but the cops will not care. When the police pull you over, you should cooperate and not admit to any more than you have to.