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Police say Virginia man facing drug charges attempted to flee

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Drug Charges

A 36-year-old man faces a raft of felony and misdemeanor counts after being taken into custody on April 23 by investigators from a regional drug task force. Media reports indicate that the man is being held without bond at the Middle River Regional Jail. According to a press release from the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation into the man’s alleged activities is ongoing, and more charges could be filed against him.

Investigators from the Skyline Drug Task Force apprehended the man on an outstanding arrest warrant for distributing methamphetamine. Officers claim that the man attempted to flee the scene on foot when they approached. They say he was captured after a short pursuit. An inventory of the man’s possessions is said to have led to the discovery of undisclosed quantities of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs.

The man now faces a second felony methamphetamine distribution charge and a felony count of escape by force for attempting to elude police. He has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of damaging property. The task force that apprehended him is comprised of investigators from the Nelson and Augusta County Sheriff’s Offices, the Staunton Police Department and the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys may understand that the desire to flee can be strong when individuals face serious drug charges and the possibility of spending months or even years behind bars. However, they may advise their clients to resist this urge as attempts to elude law enforcement are almost always unsuccessful. Attempting to flee can also make it more difficult for criminal defense attorneys to convince prosecutors that their clients are sincerely remorseful and deserve a second chance.

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