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Antonella Barba facing federal drug charges

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Drug Charges

It has been reported that Antonella Barba is facing federal charges for her alleged participation in a drug conspiracy ring in Virginia. Barba was a contestant on “American Idol” in 2007 who was voted off before the top 12 contestants were selected.

Barba was originally charged in state court in October 2018 and was out on bond on that charge when the federal indictment was returned. She was taken into custody on the federal charges on Feb. 11. The charges are distribution of drugs and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.

Barba was reportedly working for a large drug ring when she was told to deliver approximately 830 grams of fentanyl to another conspirator in Norfolk, Virginia. Three others are also facing charges under the indictment. Two of them are charged with supplying the drugs to others so that they could be distributed. In addition to fentanyl, the two ringleaders are also charged with distributing cocaine and heroin.

Allegations of drug crimes can be very serious. When the charges involve the distribution of large amounts of drugs, people may be indicted under the federal system. People who are facing serious drug charges may benefit from retaining experienced drug crimes lawyers who practice in both state and federal court. The attorneys might review the evidence to identify issues that the prosecution might have with the case. The attorneys may file motions to try to seek the suppression of some of the evidence against their clients. In some cases, the lawyers might be able to win dismissal of the charges against their clients. In others, they might work to secure favorable plea offers.

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