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About reckless driving

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Traffic Violations

Virginia motorists who ignore the welfare of others on the road often engage in reckless driving. In addition to causing property damage or motor vehicle accidents, ignoring the safety rules of the road may lead to criminal penalties.

There are multiple types of driving behaviors that show a reckless disregard or negligence. Some of these behaviors include driving while intoxicated, speeding at a velocity that is dangerous and endangering others by disobeying stop signs or red lights. Additional reckless driving actions may include evading law enforcement, passing a school bus that has stopped, texting while driving and racing.

Individuals who engage in reckless driving often receive citations. Drivers who are cited and convicted of reckless driving charges can sustain heavy penalties. If the charge is serious enough, one may be found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony offense and have the offense remain on their criminal record permanently.

A misdemeanor or felony charge can lead to high fines, incarcerations or the suspension of a license. Individuals convicted of reckless driving citations may also have points added to their records, see their insurance premiums increase and have trouble finding employment. Unfortunately, the potential punishments do not always deter motorists from committing unsafe actions.

Individuals who have been charged with traffic violations may consult a criminal law attorney about their legal options. The attorney could review the circumstances of the case and potentially work to ensure that the client’s rights are not violated. Litigation or negotiation may be used to have the charges reduced. In some cases, the charges could be dismissed altogether.