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Traffic stop for son of actor Sean Penn leads to drug arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2018 | Drug Charges

Virginia residents who follow celebrity news may be interested to learn that Hopper Penn, son of actor Sean Penn, was arrested on drug charges in April. The 24-year-old, who works as an actor and model, was traveling through Nebraska on Interstate 80 when a state trooper pulled over his vehicle for allegedly not using a turn signal. Penn’s 26-year-old girlfriend, a passenger in the vehicle, was also arrested.

After observing suspicious drug-related activities, the trooper pulled the couple over. A search of the 1992 Volvo allegedly produced four amphetamine pills, 3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and 14 grams of marijuana. Authorities charged Penn for possession of the psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana. The woman in his company was charged with possession of the pills and the mushrooms.

Possessing controlled substances represents a felony in Nebraska. A conviction could result in a two-year prison sentence, $10,000 fine and monitoring after release from prison. The potential penalties for the small amount of marijuana include a citation, drug treatment and a $300 fine. The couple arranged for a release from jail after each paid separate $25,000 bonds.

A person confronted by drug charges like these might benefit from the representation of an attorney. During a consultation with an attorney, an alleged offender could learn about options for a defense. Initially, an attorney might look for opportunities to pursue a dismissal of charges if the client’s rights were violated during a search. Even if evidence cannot be removed from a case, the advocacy of an attorney could convince a prosecutor to offer a plea deal with a lenient sentence.