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Task force in Virginia arrests 4 people for marijuana

| Apr 5, 2018 | Drug Charges

An investigation organized by the Piedmont Regional Drug and Gang Task Force resulted in the execution of a search warrant at a home on Hill Street in Farmville. A news release from the state police disclosed that law enforcement agents arrested a man and a woman at that location. Police reported that they found marijuana at the residence, and authorities charged both people with felony possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Task force members continued their investigation and targeted a residence hall at Longwood University. According to law enforcement, they found more marijuana and over $8,000 in cash at that location.

The results of that search led agents to take two more men into custody. In addition to filing charges against them for possessing marijuana for the purpose of selling it, authorities accused them of possessing Schedule I or II narcotics and firearms. According to statements made by members of the task force, they expect to uncover more evidence of drug dealing activity and potentially issue more criminal charges to the four individuals taken into custody.

An arrest followed by drug charges puts an individual in a serious situation. The person might want the representation of an attorney before making statements to investigators or in court. An attorney may be able to evaluate the evidence and inform the person about the potential strength of the prosecutor’s case. This assessment may help someone make an informed choice between accepting a plea bargain or fighting the charges. If an attorney finds that police conducted an unlawful search and seizure, some evidence might become illegitimate. In that situation, an attorney may be able to get a case dismissed or the charges reduced to help their client avoid a felony conviction.

Source: The Rotunda Online, “Ongoing drug investigation leads to four arrests including one Longwood student“, James Spence, April 1, 2018