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Large group in Virginia face drug charges

| Mar 10, 2018 | Drug Charges

A large group of people in Virginia were arrested in early March 2018 from multiple jurisdictions, charged with an array of drug crimes. Police say that a number of people they are looking for continue to be wanted in connection with the drug investigation. The New River Regional Drug Task Force indicted 57 people before a grand jury on February 27 at the Montgomery County Circuit Court. These 57 people were charged in 93 different indictments, all of them related to drug offenses.

The drug task force includes a number of local and statewide police forces in one joint operations room to address concerns about drug trafficking and distribution. Members of the task force include the Virginia State Police, working together with the Virginia Tech Police Department, Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, Christianburg Police Department and Blacksburg Police Department. The police claim that all of the charges are the result of long-running investigation into the drug business in the area.

Thirty-seven of the 57 people named in the indictments were arrested on March 5 in Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech and elsewhere. The remaining 20 people continue to have outstanding warrants and police are actively searching for them in order to arrest them.

Various drug charges have been used against the people accused in this series of cases. They include charges related both to possession and distribution, including possession of methamphetamine, distribution of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, possession of LSD, distribution of a controlled substance (prescription medications), distribution of marijuana and manufacture of marijuana.

People facing drug charges in Virginia can face serious penalties with lifelong consequences, including expensive fines, jail or prison time and a felony criminal record that can follow them throughout their lives. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to mount a strong defense to the charges and challenge police behavior that led to the arrest.