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February 2018 Archives

Teenage arrests in the D.C. surburbs and where to turn

Juvenile crime is a particular area of the justice system that has its own courts and laws. In the communities and counties surrounding the D.C. area, as in communities across the country, teenage arrests span a wide range of crimes from petty crime, such as shoplifting and theft, to violent crimes, such as assault and murder.

Russell County drug bust yields multiple arrests

A Virginia man has been indicted and arrested for distribution of methamphetamine. When Russell County officers arrived at his residence near Castlewood, several others at the location also ended up in custody and charged with a variety of substance and weapons charges.

Informants lead to arrest of Virginia man for alleged meth sales

Evidence provided by two informants working for the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Virginia Beach Police resulted in a raid on a home in the upscale Lake Shores neighborhood. Agents justified the search on reports from the informants who allegedly bought a total of 119 grams of methamphetamine during five different transactions with a man at the house on Oak Leaf Lane.

Marijuana's 4/20 holiday linked to roadway fatalities

Many people in Virginia and across the United States are well aware of the dangers of drunk driving and the impact that alcohol can have on someone's ability to operate a car successfully. The effect of alcohol on driving is reflected in the well-known uptick in fatal car accidents that happens every year on Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Eve, two occasions known for alcohol consumption and partying. As cannabis is legalized for medical and recreational use in a growing number of states across the country, there has also been an increase in attention on driving while under the influence of pot. It has been noted that April 20 each year - the marijuana holiday often called 4/20 - has a slight increase in fatal accidents on an ongoing basis.

DUIs in Virginia

Virginia motorists who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs are subject to some to the strictest DUI laws in the country. If they are convicted of a DUI charge, they risk being incarcerated and assessed court fines. A conviction can also negatively affect how much they have to pay for their vehicle insurance and whether they can obtain a security clearance.

Man faces multiple charges in Virginia

A 41-year-old man was indicted on six charges by a U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was originally taken into custody along with eight other people in Ocean City in 2016. The charges include conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, evidence tampering and witness tampering. He also faces charges related to the intent to distribute fentanyl that caused serious bodily injury and caused death to another person.

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