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High school teacher accused of snorting cocaine in classroom

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2017 | Drug Charges

Virginia parents may be interested in learning that a 24-year-old teacher was charged with drug possession on Nov. 22 after she was recorded using cocaine in her classroom. She was teaching English at a Northwest Indiana high school.

The teacher was reportedly in an empty classroom when students recorded her allegedly using the drug while she was on break. The classroom was locked, but the students took the video from outside the classroom. The students then contacted school administrators, who contacted the local authorities. A police dog was brought on campus and was able to locate plastic cigarette packaging in a locked desk drawer that had several pieces of rolled-up tin foil inside. Inside the teacher’s vehicle, a glass pipe was found in the glove box, and other drug paraphernalia was recovered.

The teacher was then removed from the school in handcuffs. When questioned, the teacher said that she had purchased the drugs that morning from her dealer. She also told authorities that she typically purchased drugs after school but had felt sick that morning. Along with felony possession of cocaine, she also was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. She was discharged on her own recognizance.

Those who are accused of drug crimes in Virginia could be facing serious legal consequences that may include a jail sentence, major fines and probation in addition to a criminal record. In some cases, an accused person could even lose his or her job just from the allegations alone. A criminal law attorney may open a separate investigation into the case in order to determine what defense strategies may be viable based on the evidence and the circumstances surrounding the charges.

Source: CBS News, “Teacher charged after allegedly snorting cocaine on campus: prosecutors“, 11/27/2017