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Woman charged after sending drug deal texts to officer

| Oct 22, 2017 | Drug Charges

On Oct. 6, it was reported that a Virginia woman was taken into police custody after she allegedly sent text messages concerning a potential drug deal to a law enforcement officer. The 46-year-old Chesapeake resident reportedly signed each text as “babycakes”.

Through texts, the woman said that she would be driving to Kingsport. On Sept. 30, the woman agreed to meet a law enforcement officer in nearby Bristol to do the deal. They agreed to meet at a local Walmart. Authorities conducted a traffic stop on the woman’s vehicle. During a search, the officers reportedly found 58 Suboxone stripes in her possession, which had an estimated street value of $1,160.

The accused woman told the authorities that she believed that she was texting a friend the whole time. She was facing charges for possession of a Schedule III controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

The state of Virginia takes drug crimes very seriously. Those who are facing drug charges are at risk for serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, including prison time, expensive fines, court costs and a criminal record that prevents them from being able to obtain gainful employment, housing and additional education once the sentence is over.

A criminal law attorney could open an independent investigation into the case to determine if evidence was legally collected. If a person’s vehicle was illegally stopped or if law enforcement officers illegally searched a person’s vehicle, the attorney may challenge the evidence and try to have it be suppressedt. Otherwise, the attorney may work to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution.

Source: WSET, “‘Babycakes’ mistakenly texts drug deal to Va. police officer“, Elizabeth Tyree, Oct. 6, 2017