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Domestic dispute call ends with man and woman facing drug charges

| Sep 15, 2017 | Drug Charges

A 31-year-old man ended up in Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail after Williamsburg Police encountered him during a domestic dispute call. Police reported that they entered a home on the 4000 block of Battery Boulevard. While interviewing the man and the woman at the location, law enforcement found a suitcase containing drugs and cash. After obtaining a warrant to search the woman, police reported finding a small amount of marijuana in her possession, and they arrested her as well.

The man had initially tried to hide his identity by giving an incorrect name, which added a false ID charge to his problems. His suitcase allegedly held about 14 pounds of marijuana, other drugs and $10,000 in cash. Authorities charged him with multiple drug offenses, including one count of intent to distribute marijuana and four counts of possessing Schedule 2 and Schedule 4 narcotics.

When law enforcement processed him, they found that he had multiple outstanding criminal charges in another state. The 22-year-old woman also taken into custody by police received charges of obstruction of justice and marijuana possession.

Conviction on drug charges could have serious consequences for a person, such as a prison sentence, fines and difficulty obtaining employment in the future. A person in need of advice after an arrest could seek representation from a criminal defense attorney. To defend the person, an attorney might evaluate the actions of law enforcement. Any procedural errors or unlawful searches might give the attorney leverage to get evidence dismissed from the case. An attorney could also approach a prosecutor and strive to negotiate a plea deal with reduced charges and a lenient sentence.

Source: WTKR, “Williamsburg Police respond to domestic disturbance, find 14 pounds of marijuana“, Becca Mitchell, Sept. 9, 2017