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Changes to Virginia law regarding license suspension and drug offenses proposed

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2017 | Drug Charges

The consequences of a criminal conviction can impact all kinds of aspects of a person’s life. For example, some such convictions here in Virginia carry license suspensions as one of the penalties. Such suspensions can greatly impede a person’s ability to get around for a time. This, in turn, could pose major difficulties for them when it comes to things like their job, their schooling or their everyday activities.

Skilled defense attorneys can advise individuals facing criminal charges here in Virginia on what consequences a conviction on the charges could expose them to and can provide them with information on and explanations of other key aspects of their case. Such lawyers can also help such individuals with protecting their rights and future during the course of their case.

One of the types of criminal offenses that carry license suspensions with them here in Virginia are drug crimes. Under current state law, a six-month license suspension is mandatory for drug convictions.

Recently, a pair of bills has come before Virginia lawmakers that would change state law so that one particular class of drug conviction would be exempt from this requirement. Specifically, this legislation would make it optional, rather than required, for license suspensions to be issued for certain types of simple marijuana possession offenses. The offenses in question are first offenses committed by adults.

One wonders what Virginia lawmakers will ultimately decide when it comes to these bills. What is your opinion on these proposed changes to Virginia law on license suspensions?

Source: WTKR, “Virginia bills would end license suspension for marijuana possession,” Jan. 26, 2017