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Virginia man facing drug possession charge after police sting

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Drug Possession

Drug crime is a particular focus of law enforcement. As a result, police may set up operations in order to arrest individuals they believe have involvement in any drug-related activity. In such cases, those accused of drug possession or similar charges may want to address their legal proceedings in a meaningful manner.

One man in Virginia was recently taken into custody after police conducted a sting operation. The operation reportedly stemmed from a package being sent to the wrong address. The package purportedly contained 2 pounds of marijuana and was intended for the man who was arrested. However, the package went to a different address, and police picked it up. 

After obtaining the package, authorities contacted the alleged intended recipient and informed him that it could be collected. The man apparently showed up to do so — though specific details on how the sting was carried out were not given in the report — and was taken into custody as a result. He is now facing charges for marijuana possession with intent to distribute. 

In order to contend with the drug possession charge leveled against him, the man may want to better comprehend what the allegations mean and how they could be addressed in a Virginia criminal courtroom. Gathering information pertaining to such aspects of his case as well as his defense options may help him gain an idea of how he would like to move forward with his case. Consulting with his legal counsel may also prove beneficial if he hopes to understand his predicament.

Source: CBS Denver, “Man Arrested After Pot Package From Colorado Mailed To Wrong Virginia Address“, June 20, 2016