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Virginia man indicted on drug charges

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Drug Charges

Facing a difficult situation can sometimes blindside a person, and he or she may soon be making potentially life-changing decisions. This type of predicament may come about for individuals who are facing drug charges. As their cases proceed, important decisions must be made, and concerned parties may hope that they are making the best ones for their circumstances. For many, gaining more information may help them move forward more confidently.

One man in Virginia may be looking into his legal avenues after recently being indicted on criminal charges. Reports stated that the man had been under investigation by police due to suspicion that he was selling heroin. Undercover agents purportedly purchased drugs from the 20-year-old man. However, rather than heroin, lab results apparently revealed that the substance was a powerful painkiller called fentanyl. 

The man was taken into custody for distributing fentanyl. There were seven counts in total leveled against him as it was reported that officers allegedly made six buys from the man and obtained 45 to 100 pills each time. It was also reported that a federal grand jury handed down the indictment. 

As the Virginia man’s case moves forward, he will likely want to make the most meaningful decisions possible. It is probable that he will want to defend against the drug charges brought against him, and learning more about potential legal strategies may help him determine which specific actions will work in his favor. Gaining a better understanding of federal court proceedings may also prove useful to him as he moves through the criminal justice system.

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