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DUI charges require a strong defense

| Dec 27, 2015 | Drunk Driving (DUI)

At the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC, we understand the impact a DUI conviction can have on the life of Virginia residents. This understanding is why we devote such a large percentage of our practice to defending those facing charges for driving under the influence. You can continue reading to learn more about how we build a defense strategy designed to eliminate the chance of a conviction or minimize the possible consequences of a DUI charge.

When clients come to our law firm after drunk driving arrests, we first take the time to listen to their stories. By understanding our clients’ sides, we can compare their firsthand accounts to the information we will later glean from the police reports. By comparing the information supplied by both sides, we can generally determine both our initial approaches to cases and the approaches the prosecution will take.

Once charges are formally filed against our clients, we will examine the evidence the prosecution plans to use. We will ensure there was probable cause for the initial traffic stops, and we will ensure that field sobriety tests, if given, were performed according to protocol. Additionally, we will examine the results of any breath or blood tests to ensure the correct legal procedures were followed.

If you face a drunk driving charge in Virginia, and you need an attorney to help you build a solid defense strategy, look no further than the attorney at the Law Office of Robert D. Anderson, PLLC. Our attorney will ensure the protection of your rights throughout your legal proceedings. In addition, he will fight to minimize the effects your DUI charge will have on your future.